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 Name: Aubrey Drake Graham
 Goes By: Drake or Drizzy Drake.
 Height: 6' 4" (1.93 m)
 Birthday: October 24, 1986
 Active Since: 2001
 Genre: Hip hop, R&B & Pop.
 Occupations: Actor, Rapper & Singer.
Finally here, Imma star with the timing, My Swagga is chill, and my flow is reclining. - Do What You Do See she used to play piana, and now she never wait for Santa, Instead of saving for marriage, she saving for Caribanna. And it's a shame, she had me convinced that she could've been a dime, I guess, I lost another one to the wintertime. - Come Winter Fu-k you, pus-y ass haters you should do you. You ain't heard of me, then you should go and get a blues clue-oops I mean a red clue - Wayne's here... - Random Too have known me would mean there was a knew me. - Say's What's Real It seemed they loved me when shit was goin no where, and now they got a bunch of feelings that they wont share, they just give me the Fuck It Im Broke Stare, Drake was at the club and he bald (Balled) like no hair, livin life from a whole different angle, only see the road through the wings of an angel! - Get Over It Nowadays you sayin' that I should go Jermaine, I should go Pharrell, either or my ni-ga, make sure you don't get shelved. Make sure your money's right and they do a promotion well, so you could get checks cut like Benedict in Ocean's 12. - Money (remix) Universe is just a verse of me, i keep it generic and the nigg-s take it personally, if i was in a room and someone yelled HEY BITCHES! i would never turn around cuz i just dont fit the description. - Get Over It 24 hours from greatness, I'm that close.
Don't ever forget the moment you began to doubt.
And you ain't even gotta ask twice.
You can have my heart or we can share it like the last slice.
I may not mean nothing to y'all but understand nothin was done for me so i dont plan on stoppin' at all. My name is Drizzy, and I ain't perfect. But I work hard, so I deserve. And I belong right where you see me. Ain't on the fence about it, I ain't Mr. Feeny. - Unstoppable So can you do me a favor? If i pull it together, make it sooner than later. Life change for us every single week so it's good but I know this ain't the peak yet. I think better when I'm not sober. I am on a 24 hour champagne diet. We all got dreams and we all star reaching. Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin with no make-up on.
That's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong.
Last name "ever" first name ever "greatest". I want it all, thats why I strive for it. I know that it's coming - I just hope that i'm alive for it. This lost boy got fly without Peter Pan. Everyone who doubted me is askin' for forgiveness. Everybody talk and everybody listen, but somehow it's always the truth that comes up missing. The girl or the world.
You see someone gotta lose.
I thought i could have it all, do I really gotta choose?
Tellin every girl she the one for me and I ain't even plannin to call. And I can hear the critics talking over the applause. I gave away free music for years so we're good over here.
Just allow it to be the soundtrack to your summer and ENJOY! JUNE 15th! - Drake on 'Thank Me Later'