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 Name: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.
 Nickname(s): Lil' Wayne, Weezy F. Baby or Mr. Carter.
 Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
 Birthday: September 27, 1982
 Active Since: 1993
 Genre: Hip Hop.
 Occupations: Rapper.
I take the three Ls to the head: love - live - life, then Im dead! i been through it all, the fails the falls, im like niagra but i got right back up like viagra. make jokes. no stress.
love. live. life. proceed. progress.
You probably wish you never met me; I wish you never forget me! You think you fresh?! Shit Man, I'm ripe! I don't want a broken heart; I will lose the pieces! what i look like? and if it aint money then i dont look right. And we smoke that kush...yeaaa that kush... I aint looking down, but I see no one above me! i got these hataz like when he gon stop?
maybe a minute after never start ya clocks.
One finger & Im out because you aint even worth two! You know i'm nasty, excuse my behaviour, let me just taste ya, we can fuck later! I know this world is so cold & deceiving...
but I keep my head up like my nose is bleeding!
we done matured & grown into our own situations. I could have you dreamin' when you aint even sleepin'. Share my blood feed my family, My flow'll have to plead insanity.
So sick I need Grey's Anatomy, Acid like a bust open battery.
My name is like hunny; I got a bunch of bitches buzzin'! i keep my pockets green like a pod of peas. & i don't think you're beautiful...i think you're beyond it. you're like a bitch with no ain't got shit. i'm rare like mr. clean with hair ! i dont want a broken heart; cause i'll lose all the pieces. weezy is so fly in any weather. you can wear a condom but you cant come here. man i swear im so fly - i wake up in the sky &nd wipe the cloud out my eye. if you need an example of how to live you should not have been born. tell them to keep my name out their mouth, cause they don't know me. i'm the s*** & that's the only thing you smell around me. yes i am the best even bobble heads tell me yes... don't you compare me cause they're aint nobody near me.
they dont see me but they hear me...they dont fear me but they feel me.
baby i can bless u when u aint even sneezin. im higher than a motherf***in chronic leaf tree top. i'm not the shooter, i'm the bullet bitch. if you leave you leaving the best..
so you would have to settle for less...
flow so sick makes you wanna throw your food up. you know the cops don't like us...
because they wanna rock just like us...
i'm just a soul whose intentions are good,
o lord please don't let me be misunderstood.
im a doctor they dont understand my writing
so i stopped im like lightning...
& u aint Vince Young so dont clash wit the Titans .
drugs are bad i'm acknowledging that,
but when im on the drugs i don't have a problem wit that.
i know you prolly wish you never met me,
but i just hope you never forget me.
she wanna f* weezy,
but she wanna rape wayne.
swallow my words taste my thoughts
& if they to nasty spit it back at me.
i listen to her heartbeat
cause it plays my favorite song.
keep your mouth closed and let your eyes listen. when i started flirtin with the hustle...failure became my ex.
now im engaged to the game and married to success.
safe sex is great sex better wear a latex
cuz you dont want that late text that "i think am late" text.
im more afraid of life than death. im the one who has to die when its time for me to die.
so let me live my life the way i want to.
&& i swear to everything when i leave this earth,
its gonna be on both feet never knees in the dirt.
i'm the bomb like - tickk. tick. birds dont fly, without my permission. dont compare me cause there aunt nobody near me. i'm focused - thinkin like i got 2 brains. young money, dipset, thats what this is
and if i aint good lookin you can bet my bitch is.
& if -they- got beef i'm the meat cleaver. they said i couldn't play football i was too small...
they said i couldn't play basketball i wasn't tall...
they said i couldn't play baseball at all...
&nd now everyday of my life I BALL !
i call them april babies - cause they fools. got more ice than a super sized drink. sometimes i wanna drop a tear but no emotion from a king. &nd them birds don't fly, without my permission,
i'm probably in the sky, flying with the fishes,
or maybe in the ocean, swimming with the pigeons,
see my world is different, like dwayne wayne...
i know the game is crazy - it's more crazy than it's ever been.
i'm married to that crazy bitch - call me kevin federline.
i got a grill, i dont need to get my tooth fixed,
the tooth fairy might retire if i lose it...
my name aint bic, but i keep that flame. &nd here's my most funniest joke..... I'M BROKE! hahahaaahaa. no i aint lookin down, but i see no one above me.