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 Name: Jah-Youth Lopez
 Nickname(s): Young Jinsu or Jinsu.
 Height: Unknown.
 Birthday: September 24, 1992
 Active Since: 2007
 Genre: Hip Hop.
 Occupations: Rapper - Singer.
I Restrain, Stay focus though I'm so young.
They say I'm wet behind the ears, Feeling NO SUN.
See even though they say I rap like somebody wrote it,
I give a damn how you feel, Ya'll could sit and quote it.
If y'all aint helping my fam with no dollars man.
It's real talk, aint no reason to holla then.
I wonder why the game changed like a new season. I guess it's war time...
I am nice with it, Mind like the light hit it.
That means I'm bright...Alright yeah I'm quite splided.
I got em saying that he young & The stuff he spittin'
He couldn't of wrote it that kids a lyrical magition.
They got you gased up, Leave the propane alone,
Make sure everybody hear me, NO SPEAKER PHONE.
You Under...You My Door Mat; Check The Format.
Who They Comparing Me To NOW...? I already was that.
I still feel that I'm under rated...
My Level High With NO DRO, Y'all Under Pavements.
I Turned 17, They ain't used to me though.
I spit crazy call it a "Institution Flow".
I tell you a new method, Lay it flas like think chest.
Homie get ya wight up, AND you aint got to bench press.
No Tats, BUT I'm back with the INK.
I RIP Tracks tell me what did you think?
Haters better be gone...I lay it up, NO BLOCKING CALLED. I was a young boy, They still couldn't stop me,
Running up them steps...Real Hungry call me ROCKY.
I could drop a curse in my lines but the manner be,
Respect & Skills...Don't have to use profanity.
Ha, I squeeze dudes..A phyton...When the fights on.
When it comes to styles they bite, I call em TYSON.
Move hot, I could touch satan...
Ya flow cold, Like a winter in alaska & you butt naked.
You just starvin, You Marvin this evening...
Mr. Dry Cleaner, Anytime I could get the steaming.
The house I run it, My world is real...
I was climbing up the hills, AND got scarred for real; Chill.
You get crushed on, If I feel like you stepping.
I'm the best man, Ain't talking NO WEDDING.
I been spitting the flows since I was yay tall...
Battling in cyphers, When cats wanted to play ball...
Still dudes ride around like nothing happen,
I keep it positive & Go hard with the rapping.