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You're going away in late September, But here's a thanks for a summer I'll always remember. When the sun gets hot and the moon gets hazy, Good girls go bad &nd it gets crazy! Fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer.
Place your hand in mine, I'll leave when i want to. ♥ Quote By: Blink 128
The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever. Partying like crazy, You know the drill, Tanning all day,
Nights dressed to kill, Nothing is going to replace these days!
Summer love, Midnight kisses, Shooting stars &nd Secret wishes! A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining,
The breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, &nd the lawn mower is broken.
Bikinis, Towels, Soaking in the sun, Oceans, Beaches, Just having fun, Meeting cute boys,
Out after dark, Swimming at the pool &nd hanging out at the park. Summer 2010, Let it begin.
Here's to the nights where the sand is your seat, the waves kiss your feet,
UR friends outnumber the stars, & even the chilliest of nights R still warmer than the cold 1 in UR hand.
Now that summers over and it turns into the fall, it seems as though I lost you.
I don't mean anything at all. Yet somehow now I don't miss a thing; you were just another summer fling.
Summer's filled with breaking the rules, Standing apart, Ignoring your head, &nd following your heart. I still recall every summer night like it was yesterday;
The times would never end and my friends were family. Nothing mattered more than the loyalty we had.
Beach sand, Perfect tans. Day walks, Night talks. Sleepless nights,
Pillow fights. &nd spending every day with those who matter most.
Sunny days, Party nights, Hot guys,
Water fights, Pretty hair, Tanned skin, Schools out &nd SUMMERS IN ♥
Palm trees, Ocean breeze, Salty air, Sun kissed hair. That endless summer, Take me there. There is no "WE" in summer.
Only "U" and "ME".
In every girls life; there's a boy she'll never forget &nd a summer where it all began. Summer is where the girls go barefoot &nd Their hearts are just as free as their toes. Amazing friends; summer nights;
Chocolate ice cream; mud slide fights;
Half the summer is gone already,
So lets spend the rest of it; slow and steady.
I never promised you a happy ending.
You never said that you wouldn't make me cry,
But summer love will keep us warm,
Long after our autumn goodbye.
Belly tops, Flip flops,
Lemonade, In the shade,
Blue skies, Hot guys,
Late nights water fights,
Ice creams, Sweet dreams,
Bathing suits, Shooting hoops,
Party time, Schools out,
Sleeping in, Sneaking out
Summer's coming...
Summer OH TEN, let it begin.
Summer 2010. Let it begin.