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[ after playing a charade on a perp, Paul Hodges asks him, 'Why did you smack me?' ]
I was in a moment and the moment said to smack you. ♥ Quote By: Jimmy Monroe
[ talking to Jimmy Monroe and making fun of two other cops ]
Hunsaker, his wife's got three teeth and two of those are in her pocket and one titty's missing a nipple. ♥ Quote By: Paul Hodges
[ getting frustrated with a wise-cracking eleven-year-old car thief ]
"I'm gonna smack the black off you." ♥ Quote By: Paul Hodges
Jimmy Monroe: This guy's the biggest car thief in Brooklyn, let's be careful.
Tommy: [Rolls down the car window, looks up at Paul and Jimmy] You just scratched my ride.
Paul Hodges: What the hell are you doin', Tommy?
Tommy: I'm drivin', bitch.
Paul Hodges: Get out o' the car!
Tommy: Is it I'm black?
Paul Hodges: No! Cause you're TEN!
Tommy: Eleven!
Paul Hodges: Get out o' the car!
Tommy: I was wearin' my seatbelt!
Paul Hodges: Get out o' the car, you little re-peat offender!
Tommy: Fuck!
This is the stuff that my mom would tell friends about me, 'My son is genius, my son is a genius'. ♥ Quote By: Paul Hodges You know there's a right way of doing police work and there is a wrong way of doing it -then there is the way you two idiots do it. ♥ Quote By: Captain Romans