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Evan: You changed your name to McLovin?
Seth: It doesn't have a first name, it just says McLovin!
Evan: The guys either going think 'here's another guy with a fake ID',
Evan: Or here's McLovin, 25 year old Hawaiian organ donor.
Fogell: I am McLovin.
Momma's making a pubie salad, and she wants some Seth's own dressing. ♥ Quote By: Seth Officer Slater: Ethnically, was he like uh... uh... African?
Liquor Store Woman: Was he African? No, he was like you.
Officer Michaels: He's Jewish... so we have an African Jew wearing a hoodie.
Evan: I heard she got breast reduction surgery.
Seth: Breast Reduction Surgery?
Seth: That's like slapping God across the face for giving you a beautiful gift.
Evan: She had back-problems, man.
Fogell: Hey!
Seth: Don't tell Fogell about the party, man...
Fogell: Gangstaaaaaaaaaaasss...what's up guys?
I arrested a man-lady who was legally named Phuck. ♥ Quote By: Officer Slater I'm not too worried about it, really. I wouldn't worry about it. Don't worry about it. ♥ Quote By: Evan Ah, McLovin, McLovin, McLovin, McLovin. ♥ Quote By: Officer Michaels Officer Michaels: Yeah McLovin, how is it going with the ladies?
Fogell: It's not the "going" I'm worried about...but the "coming."
Officer Michaels: McLovin?
Fogell: Yeah.
Officer Michaels: Great name.
Officer Slater: It is, it just rolls of the tongue.
Officer Michaels: Sounds like a sexy hamburger!
I just wanna go to the rooftops and scream, "I love my best friend, Evan." ♥ Quote By: Seth I have a boner! ♥ Quote By: Fogell Officer Michaels: [out of breath] He's a freak... [panting]
Officer Michaels: He's the fastest kid alive...
He is the sweetest guy.
Have you ever looked into his eyes?
It was like the first time I heard the Beatles. ♥ Quote By: Seth
There is a very good reason for why my fake I.D. says I'm 25 and not 21.
Everyday hundreds of kids go to the liquor store with fake I.D.s that say they're 21.
Just how many 21-year-olds are there in this town? It's called strategy. ♥ Quote By: Fogell
Nobody has gotten a B.J. in cargo shorts since Vietnam! ♥ Quote By: Seth Where did you hide the alcohol Danny Ocean, up your butt? ♥ Quote By: Fogell Jules: You scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours.
Seth: Well, funny thing about my back, is it's located on my...